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    Ac turpis yoga mat


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    Airzone Full System


    Challenge:  My students hit in the net too much! I want a better way to teach them arc than repeated verbal instructions that go nowhere.

    Solution:  The Airzone System is the surefire answer for players who hit too many balls into the net. The Airzone takes care of this problem without verbal instructions by providing a visual target for players to aim for.


    • Sets up in minutes, no tools required
    • Includes two 7-foot chrome poles, bungee with winder and Airzone net
    • Includes four 18″ foam noodles and 6 colorful flags to create target windows
    • Includes detailed game and drill booklet
    • Easily raise the net height using the Airzone net or bungee to guide players to hit with more arc
    • Higher arc translates into 67% more depth on groundstrokes to drastically reduce the number of balls hit into the net
    • Weather-resistant screw-together steel poles allow for any adjustment in net height, up to 7 feet
    • The bungee component allows players to drill either over the bright yellow line or under, depending on the shot being practiced
    • Includes durable and convenient carry case
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